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At Vimtag, we envision a world of where emerging technologies enhance our daily life experience.  Where everyday humans are empowered with greater knowledge, connectivity, and simplicity. Through our suite of cutting edge home surveillance solutions, we can make that world possible, one satisfied customer at a time.  At Vimtag, our products reflect four core values of the seamless Digital Age lifestyle which we feel privileged to provide our clients:

 So much human angst is caused from a lack of knowledge. We worry whenever we don’t know. We question the integrity of our babysitters, even though we have every reason to trust them. We grow anxious about the security of homes while on vacation, even though our houses are locked and alarms engaged. We remained concerned about our elderly relatives, even though they seem to be doing fine. At Vimtag, we realize that wholesale transformation of this mindset is now possible. Through our mobile surveillance technologies, we make knowledge freely accessible. This removes much of the worry from our lives. When we know our cherished loved ones and possessions are safe and secure, we are liberated to appreciate the fullness that life has to offer. 



The world is getting smaller. In our globalized era, business is conducted across what used to be vast distances. Not anymore. Realizing our increasing mobility, we at Vimtag understand the importance of being in two places at once. Our suite of home surveillance products serve as an essential toolkit for an increasingly globalized world. We build bridges, connecting the traveling CEO to his team back at headquarters. Connecting the longing pet owner to their beloved pets waiting for them at home. Connecting aging seniors to their caring children, with merely the click of a button. At Vimtag, we are astounded by the endless possibilities of a connected world, and are excited to play a part in bringing the world closer together.




Despite advances in technology, the overcomplexity of it all can make us yearn for simpler times. This is can hardly be considered progress. We at Vimtag have taken a determined stance that technology should not make life harder, but easier. The this end, we have got to great lengths to ensure our the ease of use of our software and hardware. Our cameras and sensors are all built to work with instantaneous “plug and play” functionality. Our mobile app was designed as a one-stop hub for effortlessly controlling all the smart devices around your home and office. And through our unwavering commitment to continued Research & Development, we ensure all our products remain at the state of the art of hi-tech elegance. Simplicity is not only a virtue, and it's our guarantee at Vimtag.



In addition to our passion for high quality home surveillance solutions, we are driven by the promise of improving the lives of our customers. Simply put, we love to make people happy. That is why at Vimtag, superior customer service remains one of our core company values. We are constantly taking the extra step to ensure your experience with us remains as seamless and carefree as possible. Our products are all backed by warranties and Australia Based quality customer service representatives. We regularly solicit customer feedback to ensure we are doing everything we can for the people who matter most. Our Research and Development team are always on the lookout for new innovative products that give you the Knowledge, Connectivity, and Simplicity that you deserve. Welcome to Vimtag, where we genuinely look forward to the opportunity to be of service.



Welcome and thanks for visiting us at Vimtag! Since our launch of our camera line in 1999, we’ve been designing and building the finest home security cameras, software, and accessories on the market.
Each product is the result of an extensive development process. We begin with researching the precise needs of our customers. This reflects our commitment to delivering products and services that truly make a difference in people’s lives. 
We then prototype each camera, subjecting it to vigorous testing techniques and quality control. The result is a durable, high quality, and highly functional product that fits your needs in home monitoring and surveillance.
Our final step is to create an unbeatable user experience for our customers. We do this through constantly refining our mobile app, users unprecedented control in monitoring their homes and businesses.
We are constantly seeking to improve the quality and range of our products. If you have any suggestions of how we can better serve you, please feel free to let us know. Also stay up to date with the latest developments at Vimtag by subscribing to our newsletter.
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